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Established in 2017, TheReedStraws.com is known for keeping an ever-present eye on the ever-changing eco biodegradable straws industry. We are specialized in manufacturing reed straws or reed drinking straws. As the best OEM China biodegradable reed straws factory, we have been accumulated 2 years experience in manufacturing reed drinking straws

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What is Reed Straws

Reed straws are made of reed, which is biodegradable, 100% natural, and environmentally friendly. The production of the straw is 100 percent handmade, using no tools in the manufacturing. But you may wonder what is the Reed? Let’s see the definition in Wikipedia: Reed is a common name for several tall, grass-like plants of wetlands

Nowadays, Reed straws have become an alternative to the traditional plastic straws. because, in addition to having a short lifespan, they do not harm the environment.

All of our reed straws are strict with processing by Steaming and Disinfection before they are manufactured.



Why most online sellers like Amazon, EBAY, WISH etc choose our products and service.

Why Wholesale Reed Straws Manufacturer From Us

Customer Review

Our Reed straws manufacturer has excellent productivity. Their quality and stability is beyond my expectation. I have to say TheReedsStraws.com is a good partner.
Mr. Tony, CEO of SINO∏

Their production abiliry of reed drinking straws are faster and better compared with other Competitor. I would say: It’s a necessary ability to catch up the growing market demand.
Mr.Andrijia, CEO at ECOZWTN

It’s a great apprecaited for TheReedStraws.com timely follow-up,  I remember It’s 1:21 am in Chinese time their employee also insist on draft the PI for me to confirm with our cusomer. It’s a very effectice team I ever met, Thanks TheReedsStraws.com.


Why Us

We purchased 2 laser priting machines, and employed experienced engineers to engrave your customized logo on the reed straws.

Our reed straws factory has accomplished completed machines line including CNC suede machine, CNC automatic cutting machine,Rotary selection machine,Semi-automatic cleaning of internal control fiber machines, steaming and disinfection machine. Along with this, we can assembly 5-8 million normal straws per month. no matter small reed straws bulk or big order of reed straws wholesale, we can ship it soon.

Each reed straws will be through Steaming and Disinfection Processing to confirm it’s no bateria status and conform with the FDA standard.

TheReedStraws.com is the World’s First Reed Straws Manufacturer & supplier with professional completed machines line. We will be your professional reed straws supplier in furture.

Reed Straws Everything You Need to Know

Reed Straws VS Bamboo Straws : Which is better?

The movement to ban straws and other single-use plastics is growing. And lots of Chinese company are ahead of the trend and producing plastic alternatives. Reed straws and bamboo straws are just 2 alternatives to the plastic straws. Reed straws are made of reed, [...]

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