has launched the world’s first paper-wrapped reed straws on 2020-9-1 despite the coronavirus pandemic.

As the food industry looks for a solution to replace plastic straws, has provided the perfect tool to meet the needs of straw users globally. With our reed straws, and accompanying Straws Wrap paper for packaging, we are ready to take the food industry by storm with specialty papers that are environmentally-friendly and the perfect partner for any liquid drink.

The firm unveiled the paper-wrapped reed drinking straws a day after the firm’s founder announced that we will invest 4 machines to produce 200k pcs reed straws production per day.

You can see the video of paper wrapped machines for reed straws.

Adjusting the machines for the Paper Wrapped Reed Straws

White Paper Wrapped Finished Reed Drinking Straws.

With the increase of plastic straws, a multitude of drastic environmental hazards has resulted from the production of this small, yet potent, petrochemically-based utility.
According to, the Quick Service Food Industry is changing the way it consumes plastic; many chains and franchises are opting for paper as the environmental-friendly replacement for straws. Household names such as Marriott and McDonald’s are communicating in the public to seek plastic replacements, a direct result of the voice of consumers.

We hope our paper Wrapped drinking straws will improve the bad situation of plastic pollution step by step.

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