Reed Straws Launched Paper-Wrapped Reed Straws has launched the world’s first paper-wrapped reed straws on 2020-9-1 despite the coronavirus pandemic. As the food industry looks for a solution to replace plastic straws, has provided the perfect tool to meet the needs of straw users globally. With our reed [...] Launched Paper-Wrapped Reed Straws2020-09-21T03:57:35+00:00

Reed Straws VS Bamboo Straws : Which is better?

The movement to ban straws and other single-use plastics is growing. And lots of Chinese company are ahead of the trend and producing plastic alternatives. Reed straws and bamboo straws are just 2 alternatives to the plastic straws. Reed straws are made of reed, [...]

Reed Straws VS Bamboo Straws : Which is better?2019-09-20T10:01:23+00:00
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